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There are several different types of maintenance in an association, but what most people ask is what you can do in your apartment. To explain this, we must begin by determining what internal and external maintenance is.

Internal maintenance

If you look at § 13 in the Statutes, you get a relatively clear picture of what is included in the internal maintenance.

But simply explained: If you look around the apartment, everything you see is your responsibility. Then there are some things that the association and you share and we have tried to describe these below. At the end there is a list of things that are included in the internal maintenance, for example.

Walls and floors

The entire concrete frame of the house belongs to the association. Paint, wallpaper and flooring are your responsibility, walls inside the apartment are your responsibility. See the picture below to understand the difference between which walls belong to the association and which belong to the apartment.

1 - The load-bearing walls belong to the association.

2 - Non-load-bearing walls belong to the apartment.

3 - The front door belongs to the apartment.

4 - Window / balcony door belongs to both the apartment and the association. Maintenance on the inside shall be the responsibility of the resident, maintenance on the outside is the responsibility of the association.

Front door
You may have lived in an association with other rules for the maintenance of the front door, but with us, several doors have been replaced by the resident himself and thus the association has different brands, models and shades on its exterior doors. Since the principle of equality applies in the association, we can not maintain doors that cost different amounts in renovation and thus the maintenance is transferred to the resident. Check in AZ what applies to the color.


If you look further in the apartment, there are a number of pipes, that is cold water, hot water, heating, drainage and ventilation. Can you do whatever you want with them? Absolutely. As long as you hire a professional and do not do anything that damages the plant.

Where is the boundary between the connecting pipe and the apartment's? Those that are invisible in the concrete slab, floors, walls, etc. belong to the association, what is visible, see the arrow below, belongs to the apartment.


The pipes that are cast into the wall are the association's and the cables are the resident's. Same with sockets and lighting buttons. All lamps and appliances belong to the apartment and the resident.


The inside and maintenance are provided by the resident and the outside is provided by the association. What if you bank a box? The association stands for the outer pane and the resident for the inner.

Fire or water damage

Under construction

External maintenance

External maintenance is what the association is responsible for and which you pay for through your monthly fee. It is the rest of the property, ie land and houses.

Regardless of what is described here, it is always the statutes and their interpretation that apply.


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