Nattvakten i Sollentuna

Time to move

Vad tråkigt att ni lämnar oss, vi kommer att sakna er.


If you rent a garage, parking space or extra storage, these will be automatically terminated at the end of the month after the transfer date, for questions about leases, etc. contact the trustee.


See also what applies under "Keys" in AZ.

If you have keys / Aptus / remote control for the garage, these must be left to trustee when moving out.
If you have borrowed an extra storage, the keys there must also be left to the trustee.


If you have a subscription for broadband, telephony and / or cable TV, contact the respective supplier to cancel these or move them to the new home.


Contact the broker in good time before moving out so that the broker can get a basis for settling used electricity until the moving out.

Relocation cleaning

Move clean properly! In 80 percent of all sales, cleaning is what the parties disagree on. Do not forget to clean out storage.


Do you have a bicycle in one of the stores? Easy to forget, but please bring it too.

We hope that you will enjoy your new home and thank you for your time in Brf Nattvakten.

/The board