Nattvakten i Sollentuna


Inom Brf Nattvakten gäller gångfartsområde

Within Brf Nattvakten, the pedestrian area applies in accordance with the Road Traffic Ordinance.

This means that vehicles may be driven at a maximum of 8 km / h and parking is prohibited throughout the residential area. Parking according to the Road Traffic Ordinance refers to "parking of vehicles with or without a driver, but not parking for boarding or disembarking or loading or unloading of goods". Parking is also not allowed for craftsmen who perform work for residents in the area.

Exemptions from parking bans apply to:

  1. Please note that parking is not permitted within the association's area, the exception is work vehicles for contractors who perform work on behalf of the association .
  2. For parking of vehicles used in road maintenance work in the area, by the police in the course of their duties or by the fire brigade in the emergency services and in the other cases specified in the Road Traffic Ordinance.


Temporary parking for loading and unloading of heavy goods to the apartments and to help the disabled is allowed. It is also permitted to drive in for loading when moving out or moving in. Remember that the car must be able to be moved quickly if emergency vehicles have to arrive. Keep in mind that if the car is parked without any activity going on at it for more than 5 minutes, you can receive a parking ticket, according to a ruling by the Supreme Court.