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Nattvakten i Sollentuna

About housing cooperative

Bostadsrättsföreningen Nattvakten

Sollentuna församling
Property designation - Nattvakten 1
Brf organization number - 769612-6635

The properties Nattvakten 1 and 4 are located in the area Sollentunaholm in Norrviken, Sollentuna.
Nattvakten 1 consists of 14 townhouse-like buildings with 127 apartments, of which 120 are condominiums at present and 7 are rental apartments. Nattvakten 4 is a detached building containing a garage, commercial premises (hairdresser), electricity and heating center, board office, laundry room, common room (Tuna) and storage.

The area was built in 1979-1981 by Sollentunahem and converted into condominiums on December 1, 2007.

The surroundings consist of terraced houses, villas and green areas as well as Norrvikensjön and Ravalen, both of which have very popular bathing spots. Norrvikensjön is usually plowed during the winter to enable long-distance skiing with skates. Nearby is also Järvafältet with its opportunities for recreation, two stables for those interested in horses, golf course, scout activities and 4H-yard.

Apartment data
The apartments are a mixture of 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s of between 50-100 sqm.
TV with a basic offer is offered via ComHem digitally and is included in the fee to the association. Opportunity for expanded range is available at own cost.
The apartments have broadband that Sollentuna Energi manages and there you get the opportunity to choose between most operators at good prices.

All apartments have an extra storage. Mixed hot and cold storage.

Community rooms
Garage is in the area. For a parking space, contact the manager, see at the bottom of the page. Seats are available both on the roof and under the roof with electrical outlets.

The laundry room contains four standard washing machines and a heavy-duty washing machine as well as dryers, drying cabinets, drying rooms and mangel. Booking is made through our APTUS system with an electronic booking board in the laundry room entrance or via the Internet. See under the menu Laundry.

Common room (Tuna) with fridge / freezer, coffee maker, stove, 2 microwaves, dishwasher and crockery. TV 58 ″ and stereo / home cinema with projector are installed for movie viewing. Internet is also available in the room. Ping pong table.

Possibility of bicycle and moped storage during the winter is available, contact the board.

Heating takes place through water-borne district heating from a substation located within the area. Included in the fee.

Hot water is paid for individually per apartment according to consumption and can be seen on the rental / fee avin.
You can see your water consumption under the menu About the Association - Documents / Forms.

Trash - Environmental cottage
Household waste is handled by sorting in Environmental cottage. Fractions for household waste, paper packaging, plastic, glass, metal packaging, food waste, light bulbs / fluorescent lamps, batteries and electrical waste. Newspapers are thrown in the container that is intended for newspapers and is located outside the entrance to the garage. All other rubbish is counted as bulky rubbish and everyone can drive to a recycling facility themselves with or save for one of the two cleaning days we have either in the spring or autumn when there are bulky rubbish containers to throw in.

Deposit fee is charged for storage and administration of the mortgage deed.

Transfer fee
Transfer fee is charged to the administration.

All apartments have mechanical ventilation (exhaust fan located on the roof).

Within the area there are two playgrounds, one for older children 2-13 years and one for smaller children 0-2 years. Both were completely renovated in 2009. The larger one is equipped with a rubber base instead of sand.
Ball games in the residential area are not allowed.


Vår tekniska förvaltare är Teoge Alla frågor som rör fastigheten ska i första hand gå till dem. Om de gör bedömningen att en fråga kräver ett beslut utanför deras ramar så kontaktar de styrelsen.


Lediga p-platser och garage. Kontakta Parkman om du vill hyra eller avsluta en plats eller har andra synpunkter. 


Vill du prata med oss om våra bostäder eller bli med i styrelsen. Vill du fråga vad som gäller i ditt byggärende.

Byte av förvaltare!

Den 2023-01-01 tar SBC över förvaltningen av BRF Nattvakten.

Alla förfrågningar gällande mäklarbilder, fakturor, felanmälan med mera går till Teoge fram tills 2022-12-31

Under december kommer SBC skicka ut fakturorna för första kvartalet, det vill säga för januari, februari och mars. Dessa betalas enligt respektive förfallodatum.

Teoge skickar december fakturan i november.