Nattvakten i Sollentuna

What is a BRF?

BRF står för bostadsrättsförening


What is a BRF?

BRF stands for Bostadsrättsförening and you now live in Bostadsrättsföreningen Nattvakten. Sometimes when you buy a condominium, you have full control of what you have done, which may be because you have lived in a BRF before. Sometimes the board comes across residents who have not really understood what they have bought.

The name Bostadsrätt means that you have bought the right to live in the association and the board has approved you as a member or members. In other words, you have not bought an apartment and you do not own a home. What you have paid for is a share in the association and the right to use / live in one of the association's apartments. Do not feel cheated now, this is how a BRF works and there are no strange things.

Det här är en bostadsrättsförening

När du köper en bostadsrätt blir du medlem i en förening. I en bostadsrättsförening finns det stora möjligheter att påverka sitt boende och hur föreningen ska skötas.

What is a community?

There are a lot of different constructions of communities, but if we focus on our neighbors north of the BRF, it is a community. The difference is that they own their own part of the house and the land, and can do "almost" what they want with it.

Is there any benefit to living in a BRF?

Except that you are now the owner of part of the property, ie the land and the houses, so absolutely. Maintenance of the property and costs for water, sewage, garbage collection, to name a few, are distributed to everyone who lives here. If something breaks, there is an organization to get it fixed. Snow removal works and lawn mowing, transplanting, etc. You also have the opportunity to influence the area and the community with your own ideas. You are now, together with 120 tenant-owners and 7 tenants, a member of BRF Nattvakten. Now do not sit at home but go out and get to know your neighbors, together we can make this area something nice and attractive.

Har du frågor får du gärna ställa dem till styrelsen.

Ditt ansvar som bostadsrättshavare

Som boende i en bostadsrätt ingår du i en bostadsrättsföreningen, eller en brf, och har ett visst ansvar för ditt boende. Du ansvarar för bland annat bostadens golv, väggar och tak. Det är du som reparerar eller byter ut vitvarorna när de går sönder. Däremot har du inte ansvar för saker utanför den egna lägenheten, till exempel yttertak och fasad.